Godotcoin is a digital token (coin) that may be held by stakeholders and the transactions recorded in a digital ledger (blockchain). The software is powered by the Godot Game Engine.

Currently, the Godotcoin ecosystem is under development with the use cases still to be defined.


The coins will be minted such that each one has some uniqueness. Then they could become collectable NFTs.

Base coin design: Base coin

Variants will have various colors, textures, features such as rim detail, defects, 3D representation etc.

Icon: Icon

This is an Icon to represent the brand for use in marketing, diagrams, presentations etc.

Size will not be a differentiating factor for the coins.

The images may be scaled downwards to suit presentation needs.

The image format will be PNG to allow for a transparent background, portability, loss-less compression, and a rendered image from the minting factory.