How to Get Coins

There are ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) involving money and investors. But this project is related to the Open Source community where it is traditionally hard to extract money from the users.

But, it is much easier to leverage the social side of sharing and community.

Now, hosting a website costs money. And, spending time to develop content and code takes away the ability to earn money from doing a paid job or working on a contract for a client. Time is money right?

My idea to get paid for doing this is to get visitor traffic to this website and get it ranking high in search results as a first pass. Then, Ads and sponsors will be attracted to it to generate revenue.

For users that want to get coins with no money, I am thinking about how people can earn credits in some way to get the coins without paying cash.

Some ideas to earn credits are:

  • sign up for an email to stay informed (an email list has inherent value)
  • link back to the home page from your website to boost our search engine ranking and visitor traffic
  • drive traffic via an affiliate link that you place on social media via a recommendation/news post

So there could be rewards in terms of coins depending on the value that you provide.