How to Name a Crypto Currency

From an Internet marketing and keyword perspective, we should ordinarily use a single word for what we are talking about or a normal phrase, and maybe add some hyphens.

It is not correct to capitalize words that are grouped together without spaces, as tempting as it may seem.

Our coin name here is a conjunction of Godot and Coin, so we went with Godotcoin. Was that the right move?

In a previous proposal for a Godot Coin the proposor named it GodotCoin. It was back in 2007 where the proposal was swiftly rejected as a form of raising funds.

Here is the meat of the proposal (with some editing):

I’ve been following the project for a long time. And I see that the team has some financial problems with some periodicity. People donate money more willingly to training material on the engine (beautifully designed) than on the engine itself. And the developers of the engine are always without money. It’s time to put an end to it (at least try).

What is suggested:

  • To create a crypto currency. Crypto-currencies are gaining momentum and this is obvious. They no longer will not go anywhere. Yes, the competition is now huge. But you can still jump in the outgoing car.
  • Money to spend on the development of the engine, training material and free games for the community
  • If the project succeeds in sponsoring other open projects (accepting applications from them and allocating money to them)
  • Maybe something else.

What is needed:

  • Crypto currency
  • Well-designed advertising company
  • Bit of luck

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